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Life Insurance

What Is It?

A Term life insurance?plan is the most basic form of life insurance and is usually the cheapest way to insure your life. It covers you for a fixed period and pays out a one off lump sum if?the life assured?dies during the policy term.

With some term insurance policies you can add additional options, for instance critical illness cover. If you do add on critical illness cover, the plan will usually?pay out once on diagnosis of a qualifying critical illness or if you die during the term of the policy, whichever happens first.

Who Is It For?

This type of plan is designed for those who want to leave a lump sum in the event of their death within a specified time period whilst keeping the cost to a minimum. Term assurance can protect your family from the financial implications of a personal tragedy and is particularly important if you have young children or dependents. It can be used to cover a mortgage, other loan or to ensure that your family is protected from the effects of having to repay a debt after the main breadwinner has passed away. We can help you find the plan that best meets your requirements.


Critical Illness Cover

What Is It?

A Critical Illness plan is designed to pay out a lump sum on the diagnosis of certain specified illnesses. It is often ?bolted on? to a life assurance policy as an additional benefit but can also be a standalone plan.

What Illnesses Are Covered?

The illnesses that are covered differ between providers, speak with one of our advisors about your circumstances or submit a contact form to find out which policies offer the cover that you need.

Who Is It For?

This type of plan is designed for those individuals or families whom want a lump sum if they are diagnosed with a?critical illness. An example of where this lump sum could be used is to repay a loan, mortgage, or perhaps pay for time off work, in the case of a covered diagnosis. The lump sum could even be used to pay for any necessary alterations to your home.

The quality of cover and the illnesses covered can vary significantly between different providers. As Financial Advisors we can help you find the plan that best meets your requirements.


Income Protection

What Is It?

An Income Protection plan is designed to pay out a regular income in the event you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. These types of plans continue to pay out an income?until you are either?able?to?return to work, retire, the end of the plan?or death.

This type of plan is quite often seen as the foundation of any financial planning as it is likely that other plans will have to be given up if you do not have sufficient income coming into the household.

Who Is It For?

Income protection is designed for anyone who is currently working (either employed or self-employed). It?s worth noting that even if your employer provides sick pay, it is unlikely to last for longer than twelve months and so ongoing protection is essential. Plans can be adapted to fit in with existing protection you might have. We can help you find the plan that best meets your circumstances.


Whole of Life Assurance

What Is It?

As the name implies, this type of life assurance pays out when you die, whenever that may be. It is usually, but not always, a more expensive option than term assurance simply because the life assurance company knows that it will definitely pay out at some point, but is a great option for those who?d like to take out a single policy and not have to worry about renewing.

Who Is It For?

Ideal for those who don?t want to worry about managing their policy, as it lasts until death, not a fixed term. This type of plan is designed for those who want to leave a lump sum in the event of their death, whenever it may occur, and it can be used to pay off debts that will not be repaid during your lifetime.

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